Imre Gyarmati

Our firm’s legal predecessor have been founded about 1973, which later worked as a co-operative sideline. In 1982 there was a possibility to create a new firm -small company-, which after continued working as a self accounting branch. In 1989 we have founded our Ltd. In 1990 we have made a separate co-op. Now our co-op uses ten full time workers. All of our workers are well practiced, accustomed to each other, and good fellow workers at the same time.

Our function has two branches. One is pest destruction, the other is cleaning. The pest destruction we are doing with guarantee in different establishments (hotels, catering and commercial establishments, and business centers, etc) In the cleaning we take daily and cosmetic cleaning, common big cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning. We try to satisfy our costumer’s self expectations of course.

Our main partners are: Hungarian Television Rt., Commision Tradesmen’s house, Hunguest Hotels Rt., Penny Market Ltd., Pawn credit Rt., Metropolitan Firefighter Co., Metropolitan MineralWater and Refreshing Rt., Animal Medical University, Nationwide Széchenyi Library, National Theatre Rt.

Our co-operative is a member of the Hungarian Pest Destruction Assosiation These professional organisations guarantee, that we make our job with modern, cleaning chemicals, machines and technology. Our goal is to satisfy our costumers with a high level of policy with a marketable concious service, while we always try to improve our services to reach the maximal demand of our costumers.

To reach this level we continously:


1221 Budapest, Péter-Pál u. 122/a. Tel./fax: 333-4000, +36-20-942-9520, e-mail: